Titanium Moose, the comic!

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Our first chapter shows us on a typical day. And then we meet the new guy.

Page #1 - Just Another Day
Page #2 - Who's There?
Page #3 - "Catch me, I'm falling..."
Page #4 - Loki's Dream
Page #5 - Rude Awakening
Page #6 - The Legend
Page #7 - "Should I stay or should I go..."
Page #8 - Are you ready yet?

Chapter 2 - Into the Woods

Things get wacky as we travel to Loki's village. The team splits up to look for...whatever it is they're looking for...

Page #9 - Into the Woods...
Page #10 - The team splits up.
Page #11 - Would you marry a girl like this? I know I would!
Page #12 - WHY ME?!
Page #13 - Powered by XBOX
Page #14 - Patti Hime
Page #15 - Monkey Rune
Page #16 - Shocking!

Chapter 3 - Whose Cooking Reigns Supreme

Fukui-san! I believe this is what we call, an Iron Chef parody!

Page #17 - What are you wearing?
Page #18 - Enter Chairman Loki-Kaga

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