Yellow Peril

¥ellow Peril

In response to an unsubstantiated belief that folks would want to find individual episodes of Yellow Peril without having to click through all of the other things on the site, I've collected the strips on this page.

Yellow Peril is an exploration of the Asian American experience through the eyes of Kane Natogate, a professional illustrator/graphic designer.

Page Links

¥P #1 - Glass Ceiling
¥P #2 - Why is it always Amy Tan?
¥P #3 - Why?
¥P #4 - Angry Monkey
¥P #5 - Happy Halloween (Yellow Peril goes color)
¥P #6 - Cute vs. Sexy
¥P #7 - Chop Socky Dilema
¥P #8 - Japanesey?
¥P #9 - Why stay?
¥P #10 - Chez Wang
¥P #11 - You know about the MSG?

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